Why you need Inpooling

4% or $20 million fine; 60% of hacked small-medium businesses go bankrupt in six months

Regulatory compliance around customer data protection

• European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) require organizations to meet increased obligations of handling personal data.

• Most organizations have no resource or expertise to overcome the challenge or build up efficient data privacy programs.

Lack of resources and tools makes data privacy management a big challenge

• As key components of any data privacy programs, data mapping and flows inventories are cross-functional and time-consuming tasks.

• Our technology identifies personal data intelligently, then automate data mapping and flows to kick off your data privacy management more efficiently.

Data breaches are catastrophic for businesses

To survive from data breaches, companies need financial coverage to recover from huge economical losses:

  • • Incident investigation
  • • Customer notification and crisis management
  • • Regulatory penalties and fines
  • • Class action lawsuit

How it works

1. Automate data mapping and flows

  • • Integrated automation covers
    both in-house and vendor systems
  • • Versatile visualization fits various business needs

2. Assist in GDPR compliance and data privacy monitoring

  • • Monitor data breach risks by pinpointing risk areas of data processing activities
  • • Formalized data processing reports to share with your customers

3. Provide cyber insurance coverage in event of data breaches

  • • Tailored insurance coverage for data breaches