Inpooling’s mission is to build a data privacy ecosystem, where consumer privacy and business growth are well balanced and proliferating together!

We do this by providing an integrated software platform to facilitate data privacy management and compliance. Today, data processing is the foundation of modern businesses. Efficient data privacy management becomes the cornerstone to success. Inpooling truly understands the big operational challenge around data privacy management. Our advanced solution is designed for businesses to efficiently manage data privacy, even without any programming skills.

Our story

Before founding Inpooling, Dan (Co-founder and CEO) worked as a Senior Risk Consultant from KPMG for seven years. She helped numerous fortune 100 companies to better manage financial, operational and cyber risks. She loved her work but was also profoundly frustrated by the lack of automation in risk management, especially when it came to data mapping and flows – most companies use Excel Spreadsheet to manually build and maintain data mapping and flows.

When GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act were passed, she embraced the legislative effort in protecting consumer privacy. At meanwhile, she realized the big implementation challenge faced by companies because of the lack of resources and tools to facilitate data privacy management. Indeed, most companies were still noncompliant when the GDPR became effective in May 2018.

To promote data privacy culture and help more companies to overcome the compliance challenge so as to unlock their growth opportunities, she quit the job and co-founded Inpooling Inc. in 2018.